Everyone has a remarkable and inspiring story, including you. 
Our job is to make sure your story is heard.


Kaila Colbin and Michael Philpott -- the duo responsible for TEDxChristchurch speaker coaching (among many other things) -- and Slavko Martinov, filmmaker extraordinaire, are bringing The Speakers Bootcamp to Christchurch, the first in an ongoing series of immersive workshops.

Great speakers aren’t born. They’re made.

Learn to use your unique voice and discover techniques that ensure your message is aligned to your values and your purpose, and most importantly, heard.

Learn how to carefully craft and purposefully deliver a talk from the people who coach world-class speakers at an international level—watched by millions worldwide—with life changing, inspiring and educational stories. 

When you’re finished with The Speakers Bootcamp, people will want to stop and listen to what you have to say.

Kaila Colbin:  Curator and Licensee for TEDxChristchurch in New Zealand and TEDxScottBase in Antarctica and also CEO of Boma New Zealand; co-founder and Chair of the non-profit Ministry of Awesome, the starting point for early-stage entrepreneurs in Christchurch; Chair of the New York-based culinary school Natural Gourmet Institute; Deputy Chair of CORE Education; and a Director of ChristchurchNZ.

Michael Philpott:  TEDxChristchurch Speaker Coach; Executive Speaker Coach for national and international conferences; Co-founder of Smart and Wise. 

Slavko Martinov:  TEDxChristchurch Speaker; Award-winning filmmaker and storyteller; recipient of the prestigious Vista Marketing Award (2016), Best Independent Distributor Marketing Award (2018), Founders Grand Prize For Best Picture 2013 (Traverse City Film festival), Festival Best Guest 2013 (Biografilm Festival, Italy), and Film of the Year 2012 (Films for Action, USA).


Join us!

By joining this small cohort of talented individuals taking part in The Speakers Bootcamp, you’ll 

  • benefit from a process that’s uniquely tailored to your strengths and your weaknesses, to ensure you gain the full benefit of our breadth of expertise.

  • learn the art of confident presentation, onstage under the bright lights.

  • craft a world-class, 3-minute presentation, aligned to your purpose.

Day 1: Set the scene with deeply interactive sessions and personal experiences of international public speaking and coaching.

Day 2:  Focus on story line development and script creation.

Day 3: Deliver your epic talk, in front of an audience and on a stage.

Throughout the three days you’ll discover your authentic self and learn to engage and touch the minds and hearts of your audience.

And, at the end of the bootcamp, you’ll have your own inspirational talk -- professionally filmed and ready for you to surprise and delight your future audiences. 


Tell me more!

WHEN: 20-22 February 2019

WHERE: Days 1 and 2 at EPIC, 76/106 Manchester Street, Christchurch Central; Day 3 at La Vida Centre, 34a Hansons Lane, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch. 

COST: $5000 + GST. This includes three days of intensive speaker coaching by our incredibly talented team. At the end of the three days you will leave with a professional recording of yourself onstage, presenting, in front of a live audience. Throughout the bootcamp we will ensure you remain fuelled by great food and superb coffee (also included).

The Speakers Bootcamp is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz.

We have one full scholarship youth ticket (under 25 years) available. There are also limited discounted tickets for youth and employees from the not-for-profit, start-up or education sector. To apply for either, please complete the scholarship application process

Tickets are available now and places are filling up -- grab your ticket for The Speakers Bootcamp so you don't miss out.

If you're holding off while you work through the NZTE capability funding process -- don't worry -- we have tickets available for you too! We recommend you head to Eventbrite and select the "Hold My Place" ticket, to let us know this is what you are doing.

If you need any help with the voucher process, give us a shout.