Missing Link director Kaila Colbin is a sought-after public speaker, who has delivered acclaimed keynotes at conferences across New Zealand and Australia. Her audiences have ranged from corporate executives to government officials, from universities to early childhood education specialists, and she is as comfortable in front of 10 people as she is in front of 10,000.

While Kaila can speak on topics ranging from community building after a disaster to the use of social media for social good, her primary focus is on exponential technologies and their impact on humanity. 

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Sample feedback from a recent presentation Kaila gave:

Excellent: 37
Good: 2
Poor: 0

  • O.M.G. Rise of the machines….
  • Mind blowing!
  • Mind blowing and very interesting talk.
  • WOW
  • AMAZING! Inspiring as always.
  • Excellent – Kalia is inspiring!
  • Awesome. Love anything that looks at new technologies and makes us think big.
  • Very good to have future focussed content.
  • Very informative – a little scary though.
  • Amazing! OMG! Mind blown! I want to quit my job and spread the word! Excellent presenter. Off the chart.
  • Mind blowing and so inspiring.
  • Awesome!
  • Inspiring!
  • Absolutely awesome! Needs to be on every ALGIM Web Symposium.
  • Very inspiring and future-focussed, which is great to hear.
  • Very stimulating and through providing great delivery of ideas.
  • A super hub of knowledge. So good to have had the opportunity to listen to her.
  • Fantastic presentation. Gave a broad, expansive on technologies.
  • Amazing talk, so useful.
  • Excellent ideas, very well presented, inspiring.
  • Awesome!
  • Words fail me. Better than awesome!!
  • Mind blowing presentation! Really interesting and relevant.
  • Scary!
  • Nice to hear and exciting.
  • Absolutely amazing – could have had the whole morning on this.
  • Awesome speaker.