No More Moore? Don't Be So Sure

“The chips are down for Moore’s Law,” read the headline in last month’s Nature.  Finally, the semiconductor industry was going to admit “what has become increasingly obvious to everyone involved,” and the party will be over. After 50 years of riding an exponential wave, we’re maxing out on our ability to double the number of transistors on a chip.

Waze, Google, Facebook: The Observer Effect And Our Interconnected, Co-Created Reality

“Looking into a flower, you can see that the flower is made of many elements that we can call non-flower elements… Cloud is part of flower, and if you send the element cloud back to the sky, there will be no flower… And earth, and gardener… if you continue, you will see a multitude of non-flower elements in the flower. In fact, a flower is made only with non-flower elements. It does not have a separate self....