Use social media to form relationships, spread your ideas, grow your business and change the world.

Communication used to be one way. Companies talked down through ads in popular media and people were expected to buy. Good consumers were seen and not heard!

Now people ignore ads, access information from many different media, and make themselves heard online - this is social media. People are putting videos of themselves using products on YouTube and reacting to press releases on Twitter.

People will talk about you online because you’re a do-gooder in the best possible sense of the word. Your company is improving peoples’ lives and is willing to participate in genuine conversations.

It’s time to engage. We can help you use social media for authentic marketing and sales.

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Missing Link is a proud member of the Buy1GIVE1 community. By doing business with us, you provide speech therapy to hearing-impaired children in India. It's all part of improving understanding in the world.